A Few Of My Favorites Things

Hope you are having a cozy, winter season! I wanted to share a few things that are my tried and true, favorites that I feel confident recommending.

  1. Olaplex #6 has helped repair my hair from all the of highlighting and coloring it sees. It also repairs damage from heat styling. I apply on both damp hair before blow drying, and daily apply a small amount on the ends. For the gift set of Olaplex shop here.

2. Hardeman Candle Co is easily my favorite brand for candles. They are made of soy and are formulated to not even bother the friend or family member with they worst allergies. The aromas are always so natural where as some other brands can smell too much like perfume or fake. For 15% off, use my code GABIE15 at check out. Don’t forget to check out the holiday set!

3. Letter mug . A cute gift idea for yourself or for a friend! This mug is sturdy and gives a fun personal touch to morning coffee.

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