My First Experience At Drybar

By now, most women have probably heard about Drybar but in case you haven’t, let me tell you about my first experience at the blowouts only salon. I knew about Drybar from being in the beauty industry myself for the past ten years doing hair both in salon and on set. My sister lives in another state so when she needed her hair styled she would hop over to Drybar in her city and always had great things about it (including adding on a longer head massage)! With my new move over the summer to Utah, I saw Drybar was near my neighborhood and got to give it a try after all of this time wondering about it for myself.

I’ll walk you through the appointment process through the actual styling portion. I got a check in and Covid screening questionnaire through text which was convenient. Upon arrival, I was greeted and taken to the “bar” where I would get my hair styled. After setting my bag down and having my coat taken to be hung up, my stylist and I discussed styles with photos from the menu (so helpful to have a visual). All of the styles are named after drinks, hence the name Drybar, and I chose a cocktail between Mai Tai which is a beachy wave style, and Southern Belle, the most volume out of the styles. From here, we went to the wash room where my stylist shampooed my hair with a detox shampoo, and followed up with a hydrating conditioner. She was great about telling me what she was using on my hair. From here, we went back to the bar station. My products were Southern Belle mousse for volume and Prep Rally to heat protect and detangle.

I don’t know about you, but I find blowouts so relaxing. My stylist always checked in to make sure she wasn’t using too much tension for my head which was thoughtful. I zoned out after chatting a bit and watched one of the Christmas movies they had playing. I LOVED being about to watch tv and just relax vs being handed a magazine or be on my phone to have somewhere to look while sitting there. I was so happy she wrapped my hair in velcro rollers to get volume before curing it.

After finishing twirling my hair in a curling wand, I was ready to go! I loved that the whole service never felt rushed, my stylist knew how to work with my tape in extensions around my hair line, and finished with hair shine to give it a final glow.

Once finished, we walked up to the front and I bought some serum I desperately needed anyway. I also got a sample of the Drybar’s version of blonde purple shampoo/conditioner which I wanted to try, as well as dry shampoo.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first Drybar experience! I found it to be a smooth, easy and relaxing service and at $45 a blow out, it makes for a great treat or gift anyone would appreciate.

Drybar Salt Lake City, Utah location:

1133 E. Wilmington Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Phone: (385) 429-5334

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