Cute and Easy Braided Styles

I love hairstyles that are soft and look like they were effortless to create. In reality, making styles look like they took minimal effort usually take a fair amount of time BUT they are still simple to do. For this side braid above, I clipped in my favorite hair extensions (use code “TEAMGABIEV” for $20 your own set). I bobby pin the back pieces that are too short to reach around from one side to the other so they don’t fall out through out the day. Last step in just creating the braid and pulling it apart a bit for a softer effect!

This half up scarf style is simple after the prep work in done. I used my clip in extensions again for length and volume, then created waves with a cone shaped wand. I love the cone shape because I feel like it creates softer waves that hold through the day. Last step is to add in the scrunchie hair scarf!

This style is fun for when you want more texture in your hair. If you don’t have a wave or curl naturally, braid your hair the night before and let it loose the next morning. I have never had this trick not work for creating waves. Next, softly braid the hair on one side and bobby pin to secure. For the bun I wrapped it in a donut shape and put a hair pin through it to hold.

I hope these styles inspire you to create a few new braided looks this week to switch things up. Let me know which you try in the comments below and follow me over on IG for more! @gabievossler

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