14 Weeks Pregnant!

We are so excited to be having a little girl this summer! This will be our first baby and I feel like I am constantly learning something new about being a mom. Everyone had said pre-pregnancy the advice will come unwelcomed from all directions, but I am appreciating any advice at this point! I have found dresses to be the most comfortable and least constricting as the baby grows. The one pictured about is great because its nice and flowy right at the part of the tummy that I need some extra space! (Link for a similar dress here)

My cravings this week have been Reese’s, rotisserie chicken from Costco, and mixed berries. Now that the week is ending, I am also noticing I want waffles that are super toasted and plain. It’s so crazy to go from one extreme craving to another by the end of the week. I also began to get a few more headaches but my doctor said at this phase, that would be expected.

I am soo happy nausea was only with me from about week 5-9 as I know it can last much longer for others. I would get grossed out by the smell of meat, potatoes, and soup even in the can for those first weeks! Moving on to stretch mark prevention, I saw so many good recommendations for Palmers stretch mark lotion so I am currently using that. So far its the best I have tried for softness and moisture. I don’t currently have stretch marks so we will see if it helps prevent them!

That’s about it for the 14 week update. We did receive a playset from my sister and bought a car seat that connects into the stroller I got the previous week. I’ll update next week on the 15 week changes if any!

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