Making Homemaking Enjoyable

When I worked full time, cleaning and organizing was the last two things I wanted to do after standing on my feet all day, or a day off when I was drained. Now that I am staying home and growing a little baby girl, I have the time and energy (most days) to figure out a game plan of what works for me and how I can stay on top of the home duties. Below are some things I sound that help make homemaking fun for me and hopefully for you as well!


Laundry can be daunting when waiting until the end of the week, at least for me. I don’t want to do more than one load a day if I can avoid it. I also found when I use the Downy scented beads, I am happier doing this chore because it smells so good! It really is the little things. Linking from Amazon here to shop it: Downy Unstopables

I got the inspo to make a list of daily things to do from a new bloggers I follow. It really has helped me stay on track and remember what needs to get done before things get out of hand. I also wrote down dinner ideas that I can rotate through out the week. Some of these things hay seem unnecessary like organizing the pantry but when it’s done it feels so much better to know where everything is located instead of being a mess.

Home Style

Find my style for my home took a bit of experimenting since it didn’t have a style past years. I have found I love a mix of neutrals and farmhouse, with a pop of color, right now that is yellow. I thought when keeping mostly to a white and neutral theme that black accents would darken the room too much. I started hanging black frames and it actually helped ground and tie the room together. I also shop at thrift stores every now and then to add in a rustic feel.

Get Crafty

These two items (the plate and tin) were both way too colorful originally for my color layout. I picked up some chalk paint at the craft store and decided to just go for it and paint them both white ( one was a yellow tea tin and the other was gold). It was actually super easy, and took two coats to full give the coverage needed. I like this type of paint too because it dries pretty fast.

Add A Personal Touch

I found all of these frames, the vase and tin at the thrift store! It was a good day for farmhouse themed items. I printed out our wedding photos at CVS (order on your phone ahead as the photo kiosk might be closed due to covid). I picked up my prints in maybe 30 min and popped them in these frames. We haven’t had our wedding photos us in at least 5 years with moving around so I am really happy to have this great memory up.

Let me know if some of these tips helped you! You can also follow my Instagram @gabievossler for more!

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