We Got Our Baby Registry Up + Our Photoshoot!

Yesterday my husband had the day off so we took advantage and got our baby announcement photos done! I was SO cold out, especially early in the morning but as everyone knows, sunrise and sunset are the best time to take photos. I thought sunrise would be better because there would be less people out, aka, less of a chance to have someone in the background of the shot. We didn’t get out quite at sunrise which I thought was going to mean tons of shadows and sun in our eyes but we managed to find spots around the location that were shaded ( such a relief!). We went to a historic farm that has so many charming areas for photos. (Click registry photo above to be taken to our registry)

So many wanted to know where to get this skirt (it’s the best for taking photos!). It’s seriously like a princess skirt with how much it moves and flows. I actually wore it over a romper because I loved the little puff sleeves and details. I am so happy it worked out! I love the pearl headband trend right now too so thankfully I had just bought one that matched. My shoes were actually from the thrift store over the summer! The brand is GAP but I’m not sure if they are available anymore.

My husband was a good sport about getting photos taken, even in the cold. Between shots we would put our masks on and jackets, then brace for cold again for the next shot! I want to say it was either in the high 20s or low 30s! I got his long sleeve shirt from Banana Republic, his jeans are Duluth and I missed that he put of sports shoes before we left! haha I had planned for his to wear nice grey shoes but it all turned out just fine.

Trying to attempt the lift and timing it with the camera is tough! We have alot of bad fails but I am kind of glad because we laughed alot and it made it fun. He couldnt get a grip on me because the skirt was slippery, and I apparently don’t jump very high. This shot above worked out and it was a fun memory trying to create it. The ducks behind us were quacking like crazy, I think they thought we were there to feed them, which now I wish we did bring bread for them!

Funny enough, this is my favorite shot from the whole photoshoot. At first my husband was like.. why are we standing in front of a small, dingy building for our photos? I told him it would look good in a shot so lets just try it. I am so glad we did! I love the rustic, worn in look. The farm is historic after all so most of the background would be rustic.

This was the last change of background we did before leaving. I wanted a few photos closer up like this since most were much further back. This was on the side of the farm. I am so happy with all of these shots and even better, it was fun doing this with my husband! We haven’t taken photos in SO long. I think our wedding photos, and one other photoshoot with my wedding photographer were the last shots we had. I asked him if we could do 20 week photos as well and he was up for it! By that time, I will most definitely have more of a bump.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we put on our registry ( I did a lot of research for every item!) as well as getting a glimpse of our announcement photos. We are so excited to meet the baby in the summer and trying to enjoy this time beforehand as well!

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