Valentine’s Day Heart Braid

I have loved braids and half up styles for years and Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get creative with hair! My mom was a stylist and taught me her tricks and techniques while I was growing up, then when I became a stylist, I expanded on what she taught me. This braid is pretty simple and works on medium to long hair.

I have shorter hair right now so I added in my favorite clip in extensions. To style them, I washed and blow dried them (you don’t have to do this part, it was just time for them to be washed), then put the side with the clips into my vanity drawer to hold while I curled. I like a beachy, softer curl so I used a curl bar (a wand works to) and sectioned in inch wide sections. To keep the ends relaxed, I left out about 2 inches when wrapping around the iron.

After all of the extensions were curled, I clipped them in my hair starting from the bottom, about an inch in from the hairline. To start the heart braid I sectioned the top portion at my crown in two and secured with a clear elastic. Next I braided each mini ponytail and secured with another clear elastic on the end. This is where the heart comes into play: wrap each braid up, then out and down from there the top clear elastic is, hold in place and secure the round shape with bobby pins. The two ends hanging out create the point of the heart so tie those together. That’s it! Give this style a try and let mw know how it goes in the comments below or my Instagram: @gabievossler

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