Valentine’s Day Dresses 2021

I have loved Valentine’s Day since I knew what it was! In elementary school it was all about sweets (my favorite), making a mail box out of cardboard for classmates to drop their valentine’s in, and of course choosing your own cards! I always went for the animal, Lisa Frank, or princess cards. Along with all of the fun, it was extra special to wear a pink or frilly dress to school that day. In high school it was fun sending candy or balloon grams to friends in any class as well! Since I love this month, I thought I’d share some adorable dresses for Valentine’s Day or through out the month. I love these for transitioning into spring as well because they are still a little warmer than the mini sun dress.

This pink dress is from Petal and Pup and gives off a romantic feel without making you freezing outside wearing it! It was 50 degrees out, the warmest it’s been here in a while, and I was completely comfortable. I am wearing a small and there is still room for my bump to grow.

This maxi dress is romantic with the ruffles and off the shoulder style, but still wearable day to day! I love the small floral print (I prefer that over large print) and the length is perfect for my height being 5’5. This dress didn’t drag on the ground like other maxi dresses can do, or the opposite, sit up too high. This dress is also great for a growing bump as it has some stretch but still looks fitted.

I should also mention for this shoot I wore tinted SPF for sun protection. Even though the temps were not that high, the sun was out and I have pretty sensitive skin. This SPF is moisturizing and mattifies without looking like some tinted SPF moisturizers that just sit on the skin. Love how silky it is!

This last dress is also from Petal and Pup and has the cutest sleeves! This one leaves the most room for baby to grow over the next months. It feels romantic with the sleeves puffed and off the shoulder but again, could be dressed up or down for day to day wear.

I hope you enjoyed this! I wanted to keep it simple and short because each dress is pretty self explanatory. I could literally close my eyes and choose any Petal and Pup dress and love it, that’s how great they are. I’m adding a few extra photos below as well because this shoot was so fun!

Instagram: @gabievossler

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