How To Create An Indoor Garden

I am so excited to get my little indoor garden started! First off, I have zero experience. I did a little bit of gardening, as in watering that existing plants we had at our home in NC, but since moving over 5 years ago, I haven’t done any gardening or bought plants. With that said, it should show you anyone can start their indoor garden without experience, I would recommend doing some research on what you want to grow, how many inches deep the pot needs to be for that plant, and how often to water them, oh and of course how much sun they need.

So this is going to start my documenting of how my little garden goes! I bought seeds for cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and lavender. The lavender actually came in a little starter kit so that was really cute and helpful. The only plant flower plant I bought that has already grown is the primrose. I repotted that into an eight inch clay pot and soiled/watered it.

One important thing is to keep your plants a little bit away from the window if you live somewhere that it is cold out right now. I placed mine about 1 foot away from the door of the patio where our flooring felt warm. As for watering, I have each seed space enough water that when i put my finger in the soil it felt moist.

Going to the plant nursery was really fun. You see all of the potential options you have for the future to grow anything else from what you have in mind that day. I would love to grow peonies but I am starting small firs tot get the hang of it.

With all of that said, it really was much more simple than I thought it would be. Just get started and you will learn as you go! I will update as my plants start to sprout and grow and let you know challenges and things I found helpful. Good luck!

Instagram: @gabievossler

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