Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we are just hanging out at home because we got snow last night. I am planning on making strawberry shortcake for our treat today. I really just wanted my plants I got yesterday for Valentine’s and so happy my husband has the weekend off to go do that with me and start our new tradition of trying a new coffee shop in the area each weekend. My new baby plants and seeds survives their first night with me and our little kitty Lulu. She’s curious about them but hasn’t tried digging in the soil or chewing the plant so I’m thrilled about that!

I linked up this skirt which is so perfect for spring ( click photo to shop it). It’s the flowiest skirt I own and you can get a serious twirl out of it!

Twll me what your Valentine’s Day plans are in the comments or on my IG: @gabievossler .

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