Arches National Park Road Trip

Our road trip to Arches National Park was amazing! We went for a two day short trip as it’s about 4 hours away from Salt Lake City. We had the best weather the first day in the low 50s which was great in the direct sun. It kept us warm but not too hot while hiking. Thankfully there was no snow or icy on the trails and the park was pretty empty! I’ve heard summer time can get crowded so this was great.

There aren’t any food service stops in the park so we brought a cooler along with us for the car. I packed stuff for sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and lots of Gatorade bottles. We did take out for dinner from a local Moab burger place and it was SO good! On our drive to Arches, we stopped at maybe two gas stations for a quick driving break and pick up some more snacks ( peanut butter M&Ms have been discovered now and wow, so good)!

the drive was really easy from the city. There were some winding roads but nothing too crazy or scary. I drove the whole way both ways so my husband could work and that made time fly by for both of us!

Getting around the park is easy and the roads are in great condition. When you enter the park, you pay $30 per car and that’s good for the week. Just keep your receipt because that’s like your ticket back in when you leave. We took a map and found the spots we really wanted to see first, then headed to the visitor center before driving up further.

This definitely sparked an interest for us to see more national parks! It’s just amazing to see such open spaces and incredible formations untouched.

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