Spring 2021 Skincare Using Tula

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This week we officially do not have a snow day and the weather is un the 50s and 60s! So excited, it feels like spring is finally here in Utah! I love changing up my skincare when I notice the seasons change. I keep SPF as a constant but sometimes change brands to see how they compare.

I ended up getting the Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm from Tula and have seen people rave about it so I was thrilled to try it. I loved it instantly because it lightly cools and brightens without looking shimmery.

I also got the Toning and PH Balancing Pads because I haven’t been using a toner lately once I ran out. My face felt so refreshed and clean after even one use, but I use these morning and night. I love that Tula doesn’t include any toxic or bad ingredients so even being pregnant I feel good about using them.

I have been out of a mask for so long but love the feeling right after using one! I just kept forgetting to get one. I got two, the Exfoliating Mask, and So Smooth mask. One is an exfoliator and brightens the skin, the other is a super food powered enzyme mask. I am happy to report neither mask made my skin hurt, sensitive or itch! Sometimes trying new products you never know, but the ingredients are so great II didn’t have a problem.

I got the Blurring and Moisturizing Primer for under my makeup because again, I wanted a clean version of the previous one I had and I am all about blurring out pores!

Last I got the Beauty Sleep treatment and this is like a night cream. It feels SO good going on. Its not overly heavy or oily like some night creams can be and this focuses on anti aging and of course hydration.

That’s it for my first Tula products and what I am using! I will be adding more to my skincare routine from them because my skin has done so well with everything, that’s so rare for the each product to be amazing!

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