The Best Hair Extensions for Summer Waves and Braids 2021

It feels like summer here in Utah now! We are having 70-80 degree weather and it’s so so nice from how cold the winter was. Summer makes me thing of braids, relaxed hairstyles and waves so I wanted to share how I can get those styles while I am growing out my hair. I have been using Cashmere Hair Extensions for getting close to a year now and they have held up great! I don’t notice shedding like I have with other brands and don’t get stringy on the ends. I’ll leave my discount code for $15 off your own set here: TEAMGABIEV15 using this link to shop the site.

I love using a curling wand when I want beach waves and just leave the ends out so it gives my hair a more textured, lived in look. What I love about these extensions is that they hold the curl all day and even when I take them out to use at a later date, the have a nice relaxed wave to them. This makes my job of styling so much easier!

When I want my shoulder length hair to transform into a long braided style, I just pop in the clip ins and can create whatever braid I want. For this style, I took a section from each side of my head, joined the sections together in a clear elastic, and twisted it once. I repeat this step down my hair until I have the desired result.

I hope that give you some hair inspo for the summer!

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