From blonde to brunette: my hair color journey!

I have been a blonde my whole life, minus one time coloring my hair in college almost black. I didn’t know a solid dark color over blonde hair in one setting would make it look flat, dull and inky so naturally I just thought dark hair wasn’t for me since that didn’t look good. fast forward to having worked as a hairstylist for 10 years and having an understanding about how hair color works, I decided to give it another try, the right way.

This is how blonde I previously was, and pretty much have been for a long time. my hair was almost all decolorized so i needed to slowly fill it to start going to my desired chocolate brown shade. I am also one to freak out if my hair changes too drastically too fast, I need time to adjust.

This is about where I stayed with my color for about a month before taking my color to where it is now. I rooted it out with a level 7 to start adding depth and darkness while keeping some blonde. Each time I colored my hair, I’d drag the root color a little lower.

When I felt ready for another step, I toned the mids and ends a warm golden medium blonde while dragging the root even further down. I have kept the front face framing pieces lighter than the base so I wouldn’t feel too dark all over.

This was the last step before fully adding in one level darker, a 6gg from Kenra color.

And here we are! My final color. i hope you enjoyed seeing this transformation and if you are thinking about changing your hair color, just take it slow so you can enjoy the process vs freak out.


Linked here on my LTK page


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