The Perfect Affordable Luxury Bag For The Holidays

Each year I think it is fun to get a new bag around the holidays to start out the new year fresh. This is a great time to clean out all of the stuff you don’t use in the old bag ( how does it all just accumulate so fast?) and have a nice organized purse. Admittedly, I can be a bit rough on my bags especially now with a baby! This means I need a high quality bag that can handle my roughness!

I came across the Teddy Blake brand after seeing a few of my favorite bloggers talking about how great the quality is but with a more affordable price tag than the typical high cost of designer bags. After doing more research, I saw that Teddy Blake bags are made with many of the same materials of those with a much higher cost. I don’t want to mislead though, Teddy Blake isn’t extremely cheap BUT if you are looking for the quality and sleek style of designer bags with a more realistic cost, this is the brand for you.

I love a bag that is structured, and oh my gosh.. Teddy Blake is full of classy, timeless bags with a variety of shapes and designs. I think literally any of the bags look high end so the only hard part is choosing one! I went with the Kim Stampatto 11″ Camel Brown bag because I have a light nude and black bag but needed a tone in between for some outfits. I feel like this color is the color of this fall and winter too. The size is great for me with a baby too. These days I don’t go anywhere without the stroller so the 11 inch can go underneath baby while pushing her or can be easily held on my arm. This size also keeps me from over stuffing with things I don’t actually need to be carrying around.

A big thanks to Teddy Blake for gifting me this bag. They have been a joy to partner with which always makes me love a brand even more when they are just kind people!

Shop the bag: Kim Stampatto 11” Camel Bag

Don’t forget to take advantage of their Black Friday sale going on as well!

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