Valentine’s Day 2022 Ideas

Can you believe the holidays are over? it flew by! It was alot of fun watching Jackie open presents Christmas Eve, and on Halloween, dress her up in her first costume. on Thanksgiving I let her try a tiny bit of mashed potatoes ( she wasn’t a fan). Although the main” holidays are done, we still have Valentine’s Day coming up and thats one of my favorites!

I have good memories of Valentine’s Day growing up so that probably why I like it so much. From grade school sending candy grams to friends, to getting to celebrate with my husband, it’s always been just a happy day. I love all things romantic and making the people I love feel appreciated. This year we get to celebrate with Jackie!

If you’re not sure how to make the day fun, here are some ideas I like:

Make Valentine’s Day cards

Chocolate covered strawberries

Bake heart shaped cupcakes

Give a love coupon for a day of doing errands/things for your spouse that they don’t enjoy doing

Watch Valentine’s Day episodes

Create paper heart chains with kids to hang up

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