Fall 2022 Haircare routine

Happy Monday! As I am writing today’s blog on my updated haircare routine, I am eating the best fruit and granola yogurt parfait. I go through phases of being obsessed with these, then get sick of them and stop only to rediscover them a few months later. Today is the first one I have had in a while and it is just so good! I’ll do a bog post on that soon, its easy to make but I think choosing the right yogurt and granola makes all of the difference.

Ok, so many of your know I have a toddler. I mentioned a few times here and on my Instagram that I experienced post partum hair loss, mostly around my front hairline at about the 4 month mark. When I would wash my hair there would be so many full strands coming out. I started using these hair extensions to help me feel a little more like me again as far as my hair was concerned and loved them ( I still wear them for fullness around the face). In addition to trying to be gentle when brushing, continue taking my prenatals during the postpartum phase, and do hair conditioning treatments, I just felt like my hair needed a little more help.

I tried out Vegamour hair serum and supplements during a 4 month long collab and hoped for the best. I liked that they are plant based products, vegan and cruelty free. I started noticing the area around the temples had more growth and looked fuller maybe at about month 1. That was motivating because with products you have to use daily, you want to see some results after putting in the work. I have noticed that my hair feels like it is in better condition and has a bit more shine than it did before too. These results are subtle still since its month two but I can see a difference.

I have wanted to grow out my natural hair color and just do soft highlights around the face every now and then as well. Of course not bleaching every three weeks will help with the condition and breakage I use to experience. I also love the dimension and depth of seeing my natural with soft little ribbons of highlights vs so solid blonde.

As for a leave in, I use this hair oil on both damp hair before blowdrying and after its dry to smooth. It is not too heavy and seems to just go into the hair and calm down frizz.

I love switching up my hair care routine for the seasons. Tell me in the comments what you are loving for haircare this fall! Have a great week!

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