Romanticizing The Fall Season This Year

It is finally September and more acceptable to be a fall fanatic! It is still warm in many different places though so it can be hard to fully switch into appreciating the season just yet when you are sweating outside. Here are a few things I love about the season and look forward to and I hope these can help you enjoy the season as well!

Fall always feels like it is time to pull out the crockpot again and start baking cookies and pastries. I bought the famous Pillsbury pumpkin sugar cookies a few weeks ago and put them in my freezer for Oct. when my sister will be visiting us. I went back to the grocery store a few days later and they were all out! I didn’t realize these had such a following but they have been sold out since. I decided to get the pumpkin spice cookies and they were great! They made the house smell like a psl which was a bonus (I ate four the night I made them).

Plaid is just such a staple fall pattern. I know this year bright colors are trending in fashion but it just doesn’t feel like fall wearing a bright pink blazer. Instead, go for this blazer that is both cute and affordable that feels like the traditional fall wardrobe staple.

Decorate with little touches of fall, you don’t have to go full out yet! Just a pumpkin here and there helps introduce the season to your home without feeling off when it is still hot out.

Check out Trader Joes! They always have pumpkins and gourds out as the season is approaching. I love their pumpkin spice everything that they come out with as well. One of my favorites is the pumpkin ice cream!

Go for a walk when you get a cloudy day! It helped make today a lot cooler than when the sun is out and it makes for some great photos!

Invest in a sweater dress! I love a neutral, midi length so it is comfortable chasing a toddler around. This knit one is still my fav ( I got it last year).

Let me know how you get ready for the season!

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