Valentine’s Day 2022 Ideas

Can you believe the holidays are over? it flew by! It was alot of fun watching Jackie open presents Christmas Eve, and on Halloween, dress her up in her first costume. on Thanksgiving I let her try a tiny bit of mashed potatoes ( she wasn’t a fan). Although the main” holidays are done, we… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2022 Ideas

Laura Mercier Holiday Makeup 2021

I take about a week to fully adjust into holiday mode after Halloween but once I have switched, I’m in full gear holiday spirit! This includes outfits, decor, cooking, and makeup! Tap photo to shop I was gifted this holiday makeup set from Laura Mercier and am loving the warm shades and touch of shimmer!… Continue reading Laura Mercier Holiday Makeup 2021

What I Use to Highlight and Color My Hair Blonde

This past fall/winter I changed my hair color different shades of blonde, added a shadow root, highlighted through it, did a base break (lifting my natural at the roots by a 1/2 shade), and more. I have been a licensed stylist for the past 11 years so I have access to the best pro hair… Continue reading What I Use to Highlight and Color My Hair Blonde