My 2021 Chicwish Honest Review From A Whole Year

Like so many others, I first saw an ad for Chicwish pop up on my Facebook feed with that popular blue and white ruffle skirt and was intrigued by the brand ( shown two photos down). I clicked on it and saw they had such a wide variety of unique, classy and on trend styles. Fast forward to now, I have tried different dresses, sweaters, and skirts from Chicwish pre pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after. I thought I would do a review since I’ve been several sizes this past year and feel that I can speak to the fit pretty well. Let me take you through my year wearing Chicwish, as well as some of my favorite fall styles from the brand ( scroll to the bottom for fall items).

This was one of the first items I got about this time last year from Chicwish (gifted). I was won over by the stunning photos of these flowy maxi skirts on Chicwish’s website and Instagram. I was hoping that flowy, twirly effect was real and not exaggerated for sales. When I tried it on for the first time I was thrilled that there was enough material to get that swishy, full skirt effect! The print was stunning in person as well. This is really where my love for Chicwish began.

Here is that famous blue ruffle skirt we have probably all seen at some point! I was a couple months pregnant in February so it was a bit small ( I ordered it in a small and should have ordered a medium). I still made it work! My husband and I took a trip to Arches National Park and I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on this skirt. It’s just one of those eye catching items that is both flattering and unique.

In the spring I switched from getting clothes in a size small to a medium to accommodate my growing bump. For reference I am 5’5 and weighed 115 pre pregnancy, so my this point I was around 125. For me, a medium worked well almost through the whole third trimester but I also chose items that had a little stretch or were more high waisted if it was fitted. I really wanted to choose items I could wear after pregnancy so this method worked great for me and hope it does for you too if you’re pregnant and shopping for clothes during each trimester that are still cute!

Ah here we are in the third trimester and definitely seeing a bump! This was late spring and I was all about the Chicwish maxi dresses with an empire/high waisted fit. Let me just say how happy I was that I didn’t have to buy the typical maternity outfits that look maternity at all during my pregnancy thanks to Chicwish. This blue floral dress fit all through out the third trimester and was light weight as it got pretty warm moving closer to summer. This dress just made me feel pretty during a time I was constantly adjusting to my new body.

Tada! This is a couple months after baby arrived. I still stuck with a size medium. I saw this skirt on Chicwish’s website and could see it was another super popular item. Tip: if you shop the site and want to see just the most popular items, shop under the ”buyer’s pick” tab. Only downside which isn’t a big deal is that it came with fold creases but honestly they were easy to steam out. If you’re someone who loves the neutral trend right now, this skirt is a must!

Moving more into my fall 2021 Chicwish favorites, I’m starting with this stunning nude coat. I love a good peacoat but hate having my shoulders feel restricted in one that is too stiff. With that said, this coat isn’t like that at all! Its super soft and flexible. This is the type of coat that goes with literally anything. I think its great for fall before the temps drop to freezing.

This navy dress became a quick favorite for fall. I love the soft material, long sleeves and length. The fit also made me feel great. It reminded me of something Kate Middleton would wear! If you have any fall or winter weddings coming up this would be a great option.

If there is one item you need from Chicwish this fall out of anything, its one of their handmade, pom pom sweaters. Not only are they cozy but they fit great. Their style options don’t leave you feeling frumpy as some sweaters can do ( at least for me)! I’m slowly darkening and warming up my hair color so I have been loving green on myself lately. If you’re not a green fan, this style comes in other shades.

My little family, just missing my husband! Again, green is what I am feeling for fall. This is another flattering fitting dress. I am wearing a medium but could get away with a small now that I am close to my pre pregnancy weight. There is a snap below the bust and it buttons down the front so you could create a slit style option.



Chicwish offers a wide variety of on trend styles and the website seems to be updates with mew items often.

The quality is great.

You can see how an item fits on real people before buying.


Shipping can take up to around 2 weeks so gove yourself time when placing an order.

Items are folded so there can be fold creases to iron or steam out.

Popular items can run out of your size so order when you see your size is available.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found it helpful! For more, follow along on my IG: @gabievossler

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