Professional Licensed Cosmetologist > DIY Color

      At home and DIY projects seem to be all the rage now since Pinterest has become the best way to pass time by.  Some projects turn out great and come with helpful tips and others .. not so much as I am sure we have all experienced at home attempts. At home hair color vs. customized, professional color with service seems to be a topic in beauty that comes up quite a bit. As a professional and licensed hair stylist, it is my responsibility to
have the client’s best interest in mind as well as the integrity of their hair. Lets just put it this way, even on the website for a known at home coloring company, they refer you to a professional if you want anything other an all over, one color.    

      Here is a little background on the training a hairstylist goes through and I’ll compare it to the quiz at home hair color sites feel compare with their custom color analysis. Cosmetologists train in school for 1-2 years depending on the school’s program, then take about a 7 hour test (written and practical) to become licensed. After becoming licensed, continued education in color formulating, product/ingredient knowledge, techniques, new technology, etc. are taken to deliver clients the newest and best in beauty. Some go on to become educators to teach others the complex world of color formulations,placements and color corrections. With that said, I fail to understand how a quiz that someone without training could answer about their hair. I have had clients come in and tell me their hair is “red” when the actual underlying tone is gold. I would know this based off the level of their hair because red doesn’t exist in a level 9 blonde, but someone that is not trained would not. That is just one example of how wrong at home hair coloring can go.. it starts with the consultation in the salon.. at home coloring is purely a guessing game of what someone believes their hair is without knowing everything that will effect the color service. That leads me to my next point.
      What effects color? Any previous color or chemical service (yes, even the color in the hair is from last year, yes, even if it is faded). Also, hair color can not lift hair color.. permanent hair color can lift virgin hair, but once it has processed and changed the hair, that is it. To lift the color, a lightener is necessary. At least in the FAQ above it is recognized to see a professional for this. I foresee a lot of home disasters with this at home service. Here is one experienced shared by a blogger of her home coloring using Esalon: E Salon-What You Should Know .

      Trust going to the professional. It may seem like you are saving money initially by doing your hair at home, but without the cosmetologist education and continued classes on formulation and how hair color works, it may result in a disaster.. not to mention a huge mess in the bathroom. You also miss out on the custom service, awesome shampoo/massage, and blowout/style that can get you through the week.  Color corrections are expensive so skip the at home project, save your money, and get the results you can trust with the professional stylist.

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