Spring 2021 Hairstyles: The Bouffant

I am SO ready for spring hairstyles, dresses, flowers, and all things bright and colorful! This spring, the bouffant hairstyle is trending and I can not tell you how excited I am for this! I have loved volume in my hair since at least high school so I have worn the bouffant for many years. The trick is to make it modernized and wearable. If it looks lumpy, too stiff, or flat in the back with a big mound on top, it doesn’t quite workout.

Lets get into these styles! So the first i the bouffant with clip in extensions, braids across the back and hair wrapped around the ponytail band. I love this style because it elevates the basic ponytail and makes it something special.

To keep a bouffant style looking casual or modern, I don’t tease or slick back the front because it needs a little softness around the face. y leaving out a little bit of hair around the face, you get a softer, more undone look with is on trend.

For a wedding or special occasion you can definitely fancy the bouffant up with a simple updo that looks tricky! This was just a braid down the back wrapped up and pulled apart gently.

This can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear, but simple braids and and waves are always a hit!

Tune into Good Things Utah on Abc4 this Wednesday (FEB. 17) in the morning to see how I take the bouffant from casual to formal wear on my wonderful model Jessica! I promise these styles are easy to do, if anything it may take a little practice but you will master the bouffant in no time!

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