Creating Volume And Hold In My Hair

Textured bun
Big Sexy Hair Powder (tap photo to buy on Amazon)
No hairspray needed
The perfect fall day
Compact hair texture powder for on the go

Can you believe tomorrow is Halloween? That came up so fast! I was counting down until fall came for so long now its already halfway through! I have been loving the leaves changing colors and seeing our first snow here in Utah! I noticed today the colors have muted a bit, winter is on deck!

I always love a good messy, texture bun, but don’t always love using hairspray to hold it in place. I have started using the Big Sexy Hair powder and love it for volume at the roots and in the bun it’s self. The hold has a bit of grip to it but it’s not the same stiffness hairspray gives which is great.

For this style: I sprinkled the powder at my roots then put my hair in a ponytail. After creating a bun, I sprinkled some more powder in the style and pulled apart to loosen it all. I finished by wrapping a hair extension around the bun and braided it.

To purchase hair powder: click here to buy on Amazon

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