What To Do If You Have Regret After Cutting Your Hair

Have any of you cut your hair and loved it for a few weeks, then kind of wished it was still long? I am starting to feel that! I like the way short hair styles too, but I am just having little moments of missing doing long braids and up styles. Because of this, I bought the Barefoot Blonde clip in extensions in the color barefoot blonde. The classic set comes with 21 inch extensions which is really nice because for someone like me, it gives a lot of versatility with the styling possibilities. If that length is a little long for you, once you curl it and braid it keep in mind that brings the length up, but you can always have your stylist trim them if you really want them shorter.

In the photo above, I used the full classic set to create the look. I set aside two of the single clip extensions and braided each to create the criss cross braided headband for the end. After clipping in the rest of the set, I waved out my hair using my Hot Tools Pro Black Gold Flat Iron (one inch) and used Moroccanoil dry shampoo in the light tone to break it up. Next I clipped in the two braided pieces I had set aside, clipping both in behind each ear and crossing over my head to meet behind the other ear. To secure I pinned down with two bobby pins while holding the top just to make sure it would stay. Last step: I added the cutest little shell clips across the top of the two braids to finish.

Aren’t these shell pins adorable? I found them by accident and couldn’t leave the store without buying them. I have used these almost daily, they just make me so happy and stay put where ever I put them in my hair. As you can see, they come in a set of four with each one being unique. I am linking the photo so if you click it, it will take you to the site to shop them. Bonus: they are under $10 for the set!

The style above demos that extensions are not just for length, but for styling updos and volume. I started with a modern french twist on the bottom using the Barefoot Blonde extensions and built on it from there. I am also using the shell clips at the end for this style, I am telling you, I love these things!

For this last style I don’t have a link for the exact hair bow, but this one is pretty close: pink bow. I started by keeping my braids on top close together (after clipping in my extensions and waving with the flat iron linked above). I secured braids both together and tied the left over hair into a top knot. to make the braids look a little more full I gently pulled on each loop. Pretty easy and it always gets some compliments!

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