Things To Do This Fall Season 2020

If you’re like me and start searching for fall events and things to do while it is still summer (ok even before that sometimes), then this list may give you a little inspo for how to enjoy this season even while we are social distancing.

Find a cozy nook at the park and read the book you have been interested in getting into. Not sure what to read? I have found that thrift stores have so many options and cost just a few dollars (if that). I am not one that likes to just sit with nothing to do so having a book along helps keep me busy while enjoying the fall atmosphere and weather.

Indulge in pumpkin everything! Grab a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, turn on a good fall or Halloween movie, and add a pumpkin donut to top it off for a treat! My grocery store bakery has these cake donuts that are so good! There are so many pastry options right now, give one a try!

Take a walk (or run) in the park while the leaves are changing. My favorite music station on Spotify is under “fall 2020.” I didn’t know which artist to search for so just a general fall playlist search should get you started finding some relaxing songs that fit the season.

Pull out those sweaters and cozy outfits again. I haven’t needed warm clothing for sometime since we were previously living in Hawaii. I found a few cute pieces that were in storage, as well as added a few pieces from the thrift store.

A few other great ideas for fall:

  1. Pull out the crock pot and search for some comfort soup recipes
  2. Start looking at days/times local pumpkin patches are open (and if you need tickets)
  3. Add more richness and depth to your hair color
  4. Start looking at Halloween costumes
  5. Visit a local craft store for home decor inspo
  6. Check out the Food Channel’s fall and Halloween themed shows
  7. Do a deep clean and get everything fresh for your new decor
  8. take advantage of the cooler weather and start up exercising
  9. Bike through trails
  10. Get crafty with some sewing projects or painting

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