Fall Farm Day + Thrifted Autumn Pieces

The weather is cooling down and that fall aroma is in the air. The leaves are changing and pumpkin everything is out in stores (I’ve tried pumpkin Cherrios, coffee, donuts and yogurt so far)! I wanted to update my wardrobe a bit but not spend a ton. I headed to a local thrift shop out of curiosity and found so many great items for the season!

I only had one peacoat and figured it was time to get another once since I’ve heard Utah has a long, cold winter. I found this Jcrew coat for $11 when I was almost about to leave the store! I’ll a similar one here from Jcrew. My flats were maybe $5 and they were originally from Neiman Marcus. The last great find was this Kate Spade purse for $3! I couldn’t believe that last find.

On to the farm portion of this post! I was so happy to see there was a cute little pumpkin patch when I visited this farm. I haven’t been to a real one in so long! It was pretty small but still fun to see.

This little pumpkin decor on the bridge was my favorite part to see on the farm! It looks like they were made by stringing trick or treat buckets together. Just to the left you can see a stream that pretty much goes through the farm area and hikes.

This is part of the stream that passes under the pumpkins on the bridge in the previous photo. It was such a nice day out and enjoy getting to wear some (super cheap but cute) fall items.

If you want to see more thrifted posts, let me know! Happy fall!

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