How I Edit My Photos For Instagram and My Blog

I have been getting asked lately how I edit my photos and this is really exciting for me because I take it as good feedback on what I am doing. I figured it was time to do a blog post on this to give a few quick tips on what I do, what I have learned and what to not do.
Before/ After
 For this first tip, I would recommend to try to take the best quality photo possible. I currently am based in Hawaii so I battle the bright sun. I am looking forward to moving to Salt Lake City early summer though! While I am on the island, I look for shaded locations and shoot with my Canon camera most of the time on a tripod. Once in a while I will use my phone for pictures for Instagram stories, or shooting something quick.
I edit in the Lightroom app on my phone using a preset called “Dreamy White” by Dreamy Presets. I found this brand when I was searching for top presets. I played around with the $2-20 presets on Etsy but they were all just ok, or would come out way to bright or orange. After I use the Dreamy White preset on my photo, I adjust the highlight, shadowing, or whatever else needs to be slightly customized (which usually is not very much if anything). 
There have definitely been photos that would have been lost if the Dreamy White preset did not save it. When I have a friend take a photo and they think it wouldn’t be a good shot, I tell them just wait, once we have it edited it will come to life. I was won over by this preset because I could see the other blogger’s before and afters, and the edits were not over done, just enhanced.
I didn’t want to delete my first Instagram posts because it is a great reminder to see how far I have come and how much I have learned. I have so much respect for the bloggers that have been doing this for years. The time and effort that goes into it all does take commitment to create great content but it is so rewarding to see the growth!
Tell me in the comments what your biggest editing challenge has been!
Check out Dreamy Presets
They have a code “Laborday” running today for 15% off!

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