What To Wear, See And Do Traveling In And Around Boston For The First Time In The Fall

I am proud to say I did not even check a bag for a whole week traveling from Hawaii to Boston and surrounding areas. I had everything I needed for beauty, mixing outfits, hair, accessories, etc, I just planned much smarter after traveling so many times and not needed much of what I have brought in the past.  So here we are,  my favorites spots in and near Boston for the fall.
 When I packed, I layed out 5 main pieces of clothing I could mix and match easily (no print, solid colors), this made it easier to see how I could pair items together. The green top above is actually a dress and to get more use out of it I put the black button up skirt over it to make another outfit of it. In another photo on my Instagram: @gabrielleaurvos , I paired the skirt with a solid black dress. I brought 3 pairs of shoes: otk boots, heels and flats, one coat, one light duster, one curling iron, and  my makeup necessities. I carried my coat on the plane to leave room in my bag which worked out, I used it as a pillow each flight. 

I am so happy we came to Boston during the fall season to see all of the wonderful, festive storefront displays. My favorite was this one in front of The Green Dragon Tavern. This is located at 11 Marshall St., Boston, MA 02108. The Freedom Trail brick path takes you past this tavern as well. 
I am so excited to share that I made it to Acorn Street. I didn’t realize it is one of America’s most photographed streets but I can see why. The road is all cobblestone and everywhere you look it is picturesque. When we arrived there were a couple of people already taking photos. This was on the day of my actual birthday so it was a great gift to see it! 

After exploring in the city, we drove out to Salem and could not wait to learn about the history, see the Hocus Pocus film sites, and the general beauty of the city. After checking in to our bed and breakfast ( shown below), we started exploring. You may recognize this as Allison’s house in Hocus Pocus. The real location name of the building is called Ropes Mansion. I used Dreamy Presets in dreamy white to edit this photo to give it a cleaner/whiter appearance (closer to what it looked like in person). 

My sister bought me this light up witch hat for my birthday so I wore this through out the night. We arrived closer to closing at the Salem Witch Museum so we bought tickets for a partial showing. That ended up being perfect, you get a great intro into some of the history of the witch trials. I’d suggest doing this day one. The gift shop was really fun as well.
We stayed at the Salem Inn ( my sister said around this time places book up very fast as she booked this). She went to the front desk to ask about ghost stories at the Inn and they had guest books with entries of experiences and marked several to find easily. My sister and I were pretty excited to be in Salem our first night. We stayed up with candy corn and watched Hocus Pocus! Over all great inn and they had a wonderful breakfast in the morning.

We explored Concord and stayed at the Concord Inn, toured the Lizzie Borden house, had great clam chowder,saw beautiful fall colors, spooked ourselves out with ghost stories, experienced a touch of fall weather, and learned so much about our history. To walk and see the same things as people from the past was so neat. 
Other locations we visited: Minute Man National Historic Park, John Adams Birth House, Paul Revere House, Cambridge, Walden Pond, and so much more! 

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