Long Hair, Short Hair, Long Hair and Back!

I am still up at midnight planning out home decor for our move and needed a break so I thought writing about extensions would be a good idea! haha. Anyway, it is commonly asked on my Instagram which clip in extensions I like at a reasonable cost so I like to update that here once in a while. I feel like around $200 is very reasonable for 22 inch clip in extensions, especially for a fill set. My hair is just past my shoulders now and it does take some work to blend it with the extension hair ( I mean that’s a lot of length difference). I am mostly wearing the hair in waves and braids and that seems to blend out perfectly. When my hair was longer on it’s own I wore extensions for fullness and some length and had no problems blending since the length difference was only a few inches.

In the first photo above I am wearing the extensions when my hair was naturally right at my shoulders and just waved it out to blend. I love the Barefoot Blonde extensions (besides the fact that their branding is so cute!) in the color “Barefoot Blonde.” It isn’t a super ashy blonde or a golden color but a nice light neutral blonde. If any extensions feel too warm right away or over time, you can always use a purple shampoo to cool them down.

I included the clips in this post that I was wearing as well because they are such a great beachy, summery feel! They are under $10 and always get noticed.

I am keeping this post a bit short because I need to get to bed. Have a great week!


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11 thoughts on “Long Hair, Short Hair, Long Hair and Back!

  1. Talk about seriously *gorgeous* and swoon-worthy! That hair reminds me of a mermaid, and makes me long desperately for my hair stylist. I know my salon is the first place I’m going once quarantine is over, that’s for sure!


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