Moving Tips in Utah With A Growing Family

This past summer my husband and I moved from Hawaii to Utah and as you can imagine, it was quite a move! This is the fourth state we have moved to for my husband’s medical career and while it is exciting to explore each place, it is a bit overwhelming when we think about the moving process. Each move we have gone as far as you can in the US. We started with a move from our home state of California to North Carolina, then went to Hawaii and now Utah. The longest time we stayed in a state (besides growing up in California) was in Hawaii for 5 years. Although we stayed on the island for that long, we moved almost each year to a new home due to any given reason as renters. The first location we rented sight unseen and found it to be way to far of a drive into town to work, the second place was selling their building, the next was selling their condo and the last condo we lived in is where we stayed until moving off island to Utah. We did each move ourselves by renting trucks, buying boxes, packing, and unloading. I’m always surprised at how much stuff we have too even after donating and selling on Facebook and Poshmark!

Do It Yourself Method…With Help

For the most part, we are “do it yourself” type of people. However, now that we are expecting our first baby this summer, I am thinking about all of the items we are accumulating for her and what that means for our next move in a year and a half. As much as we like to power through a job and get it done just the two of us, we may actually need some help with a one year old to keep watch and keep safe during the process. My poor husband has had to move king sized mattresses, dressers, and couches with my noodle arm for help! We have gotten by, but at this point for our next move I am thinking we will need help, and by help we will need extra muscle to lift so I can keep an eye on the baby! Muscle Men Movers is a local company that offers SO many moving options. I don’t necessarily need help packing, but again, having help to lift at a new phase of our lives will be crucial. There are several options you can hire Muscle Men Movers for, including just labor to make the transition smoother!

Moving For A Job In A Time Crunch

Another reason why we are looking to have movers help next year is because we are always crunched for time with a move due to the nature of my husband’s work. For example, if my husband is starting work on the first, if he doesn’t have a week of vacation set up the last week of work at the previous job, then he would literally work up until the day he would have to start at the next place! As you can imagine, that just isn’t doable, PLUS actually everything that goes into moving items, and having a one year old. I wish I was stronger and could move the heavy stuff myself without his help, but it just isn’t possible (or safe). Although hiring labor is at the high priority of our list, it may be different for your moving situation and if that’s the case and you’re local in Utah, it may be worth checking out Muscle Men Movers as well.

Not Moving But Need Help With Furniture Delivery

Even when we are not moving, sometimes we need additional help with a delivery. When we first moved to Utah, we bought a large couch at Costco and everyone knows they do not deliver. We scrambled to find truck to rent to transport it to our home, and then figure out how to get it up the elevator and into our apartment. I had to wait at the loading area while my husband struggled to keep the giant couch box on an unreliable dolly, all while opening doors and pushing it over dips and cracks. This is just sometimes real life, BUT if there is an option to just have furniture or a large item delivered, then it can be SO much help and keep from a very frustrating day. For a precious item that needs to be moved like a piano, Utah Piano Movers is a great service they offer with experience to get it from point A to point B safely! If we knew about Muscle Men Movers when we first arrived in Utah it could have saved SO much stress and frustration, which is why I am sharing here to spare you what we went through.

Get Started

If you are moving to Utah, moving with in Utah and want a great moving company to help you with a wide variety of services and ease the stress of doing it all yourself, check out the info below to see what they can do for you! If you had a crazy moving experience, or have moved what seems like everywhere as it feels to us, tell me about it in the comments!

Website: Muscle Men Movers

Phone: 385-492-5120

*This post is sponsored by Muscle Men Movers.

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