What I Use to Highlight and Color My Hair Blonde

This past fall/winter I changed my hair color different shades of blonde, added a shadow root, highlighted through it, did a base break (lifting my natural at the roots by a 1/2 shade), and more. I have been a licensed stylist for the past 11 years so I have access to the best pro hair care and color lines, as well as the training to know how to shift my color without totally frying my hair. I am sharing my current hair formula for highlights, as well as my favorite toner when the hair is too brassy/yellow.

I like to add more brightness around the face by packing a few highlights closer together, then working back spacing out about 1/8 of an inch or 1/4, depending on how much dimension, or root color you want to leave in between. I have done a lot of babylights (fine, thin weaves) but this time I wanted more contrast so I used a medium weave technique.

I came across this lightening formula when I was shopping at the pro beauty store. Bleach was actually starting to take a toll on my hair, though I do find it necessary to use in some cases. I don’t usually use highlift color on my hair either because it doesn’t give me enough lift for my natural hair level and doesn’t lift through artificial color (or hardly at all).

Here is what I found to work perfectly:

Highlights: Scruples “Blazing Highlights,” 12V Toner Infused, and 20 volume. Process 45 min.

Toner: Goldwell 10v for 15 minutes

This actually lifts my hair to the perfect shade of blonde. It doesn’t over lighten or leave the color at the brassy hue. It’s basically an all in one. I add the toner when I want the highlighted pieces to have an extra pop of icy.

A few words of caution: This is a professional color product, leave it in the hands of a professional to properly use it. Another side note: it can lift about 7 levels so if your hair is dark brown it probably won’t get to icy platinum. I did love that this can lift through color though.

I have the products I us to keep my hair healthy through lightening and after care here.

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